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Create your account and you’ll be provided with a link to MateCat platform where you can translate the given text.


With the given link you’ll be albe to translate the story using MateCat. You can publish as soon as you have finished. You'll be allowed to edit your translation until June, 26th at 11:59 pm.

Share and win

Once your translation has been published for the first time, you can start asking your colleagues and friends to vote for you. On June 27th, If you win, you will get a prize and your name will be sent to Proz’s 49,000 translation companies.


Your name will be sent to Proz’s 49,000 translation companies.

Overall Winner

Translation World Cup

The author of the translation who receives more likes, +1s, shares on Twitter and LinkedIn will be rewarded with the Translation World Cup, a reproduction of the original World Cup.

Winner per language

World Cup Medal

The authors of the most appreciated translation in each language will be rewarded with a medal showing the Translation World Cup.

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